The Wake Up Call

Imagine you are the owner of a very large business. Your business generates $20 million in sales every year, however, most of this money goes to pay expenses. In addition to those expenses, there are interest payments on $20 million of debt bleeding the company dry. At the end of the day, there’ s no money left and your debt keeps mounting.

Now, add a few zeros to these million-dollar numbers and you have the current state of the U.S. economy. This is the reality facing America today.

This is a wake-up call, my friends. It is a step-to-the-plate call to action.

If what you thought to be true about money was actually not true, how soon would you want to know about it? How soon would you want to learn the truth, if the so-called truth you believed in was costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars? How soon would you like to receive that wake up call?

You can choose to prosper despite the outlook. There are financially sound principles, such as control and guarantees, that, when incorporated into your financial life, will enable you to thrive in the coming years. In any economy.

But this growth will require a new strategy. A new level of thinking.

This strategy is necessary when it comes to your money and finances; Your own personal economy calls for a shift in thought process that must take place. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I really earning compound interest on my retirement dollars? If your answer is, I think so.. or, my financial representative said I was. Have you then done your homework to really be sure?

Am I leveraging my money? Could you be leaving millions on the table and slowing down the growth of your money?

Is my money in the tax-deferred bucket? If your answer is yes, then do you know how much of your money will be eroded by taxation and worse yet, inflation? Have you planned for higher taxes if they go up or you lose your deductions? Have you positioned yourself for future tax-free income?

Do I have velocity of my money? You can get more than one turn out of a dollar. Your bank does and so can you. Do you know that your money can be used over and over again to grow even more wealth? It’s your money. No one will take care of it as you will.

Note: This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only, and its results are not representative of any specific investment or a mix of investments. Actual results will vary.


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