About Diversified Employer Benefits

What are your dreams for yourself, your business, and your family? Would you like to travel the world someday? Do you see yourself in a yacht sailing to the Keys? Or perhaps you’d like to go back to school and pursue that Ph.D. you’ve always thought about. Maybe you’d like to help your children with a down payment on a home or with their college loans.
At Diversified Employer Benefits, we spend time getting to know your personal and business goals and developing a plan to reach them. Our clients become an extension of our family, and most of them have been with us for many years. As financial services professionals, we help our clients in a variety of areas: tax savings, improving rates of return, providing affordable Group Health Insurance alternatives, assisting in establishing strategic and effective Employee Benefits and Executive Benefits to attract, retain and reward talent and achieving greater protection and control of their money. We offer the latest in financial assessment technology combined with the wisdom of experience. If you’re unimpressed by the fresh young graduate calling you from that big corporate firm, and you’re not convinced that their team of experts is really looking closely at your financial goals and needs, then it might be time to give us a call. We’re all about building relationships and demonstrating results.

Armando Paz Jr.

Our Agency and Personnel’s history.

For more than 34 years, after leaving an Advertising Design career, Armando has dedicated his professional life to helping provide insurance protection to families, family business owners, business partners, and corporate management, by implementing affordable Group Health Insurance, plans, putting in place competitive Employee and Executive Benefits’ strategies, creating a succession plan, protecting their lives and income through the use of competitive Individual and Group Life and Disability Insurance.

South Florida Employers’ Challenges in 2020 and beyond.

Now more than ever, during these challenging Covid-19 times, South Florida employers are desperately seeking creative and strategic solutions to improve their bottom line while attracting talent, as well as retaining and motivating their employees. The employment market’s highly competitive nature not only calls for these benefits: It demands it in order to stay ahead in the new millennium.

Armando’s WHY.

This became Armando’s goal, his love, mission, and passion. His WHY. Helping people achieve financial success for themselves, their families, and their businesses at all stages of their lives. Whether the need is to retain a key employee, provide a competitive Employee Benefits package, or a strategic Executive Benefits’ Plan for business owners and their families, Armando knows the rules, the trials, and particulars to provide his clients with strategies based on knowledge and experience.

His clients, his friends, have come to know, trust, respect, and attest to the level of service he provides.

Armando Paz Jr., Jackie Paz, and their infant daughter smiling

Jackie Paz

As a former seasoned insurance company executive with the nation’s largest Health Insurance company, managing a multi-million-dollar Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits’ portfolio, Jackie brings to our agency clients 28 years of Group Health and Employee Benefits’ experience. With her strategic planning approach in mind and the implementation skills to assist employers with progressive employee benefits and healthcare reform knowledge, Jackie continues to be sought-after by both small, mid-size and large South Florida employers.

The South Florida Employer Landscape.

The threat of Covid-19 has confronted South Florida’s employers with a myriad of  hurdles: A critical one is how to create and provide benefits for their workforce and their families while keeping their bottom line in the black. Jackie’s career-long focus, her WHY is her passion. Her focus is to provide a consultative, strategic planning approach to every employer. The outcome? An affordable, competitive, flexible, efficiently-tailor-made- designed Group Health and  Employee Benefits program that attracts, retains and rewards the best and brightest talent in their industries. Her clients, now friends of many years have come to know, trust, respect, and attest to the level of service she is synonymous with providing.